8 – 19 July 2019. Düsseldorf (Germany)

European Academy of Psychosocial Health – Fritz Perlz Insitute (Hückeswagen, Germany), Heinrich Heine University (Düsseldorf, Germany), International Centre of Education and Scientific Information (Düsseldorf, Germany), Institute of Humanitarian Education and Informational Technologies (Moscow, Russia), Russian Social Humanitarian University (Moscow, Russia), Moscow Institute of Economics and Culture (Moscow, Russia), Educational and Culture Centre “Inter-Sputnik” (Moscow, Russia), Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kasachstan), L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kasachstan)

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the I International Conference "An Individual in the Modern World: Identity and Intercultural Communication" in Germany.

The theme of the conference is actual for the current situation, when the expansion of technologies associated with aggressive anthropological intrusion into the inner space of an individual, into its subjectivity is significantly increasing. An individual nowadays is not sufficiently protected from aggressive social influences that destroy his identity and self.

A scientific discussion of human problems in the modern world will help mutual understanding within an international humanitarian and scientific community, accelerate the process of formation of the methodology of a comprehensive socio-cultural analysis, contribute to the implementation of competent public and civil policy, and give new impetus to the socio-cultural, psychological and educational practice.

Conference objectives:

- consolidation of efforts of representatives of social sciences in the development of problems of protection of an individual’s identity and role of intercultural communication in this process;

- presentation of results of modern studies and research in the field of problems of individual identity and intercultural communication;

- definition of new perspectives and new directions in the study of problems of an individual in the modern world;

- definition of an individual’s multiple identity as a specific reality;

- discussion of the problem of ecological protection of human life during global transformations of modern society;

- development of a comprehensive interdisciplinary methodology of study and research of the problem of intercultural and multilingual area and aspect in a life of an individual;

- implementation of inspection of vitally dangerous and life-threatening communicational situations and individual’s social influences in the modern world

- understanding and assessing of perspectives of preserving the value of identity in the multiethnic Eurasian culture.

Main topics of the conference:

· Problems of the identity and intercultural communication in the modern social sciences;

· Social Philosophical significance of the processes of globalisation for an individual in the modern world;

· Intercultural demography in the modern Europe: historical aspect;

· Human rights in the intercultural area and aspect;

· Identity and adaptation of an individual in a new social culture and environment;

· Methodology of research of individual identity in psychology;

· Problems of multi-identity;

· Religious identity in the modern world;

· Problems of intercultural dialogue, polyloge and modern intercultural discourse;

· An individual in war and political struggle: defensive mechanisms;

· Problems of identity in one’s own family;

· Human rights: pressure in family, at work, in a country;

· Inter-ethnic family and modern society: social political challenges, trials and temptations;

· Migrant rights in the European countries: comparative analysis of circumstances in Russia, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Kazakhstan and other countries;

· Problems of competence and ethical standards and regulations in the intercultural communication

Scientists and practitioners, politicians, lawyers and psychologists - professionals working in the social, educational, medical fields, public and state figures of Russia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Austria, etc. are invited to the conference.

Conference opening on July 8, 2019 at 10.00. in ________________________

The center offers a cultural program: excursion tours in Europe with the Russian-language travel agency „Compass”: France (Paris 3 days, 99 euros), Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands (Amsterdam 1 day, 20 euros), Luxembourg.

Detailed information about travel tours and prices can be found on the website: www.kompass-komfort.de

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Mikhailova Natalia


Additional information for specialists in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogycs, correctional pedagogy, etc.

After the conference, it is possible to take further education courses (72 hours) on the topic: “Mental health problems: modern concepts and practices”

The course program is attached.


8 – 19 July 2019. Düsseldorf (Germany)


To participate in the conference and publish an article in the corresponding edition, you must submit an application and an article (electronic versions) and send by e-mail to konferenz2018@gmx.de

Articles of the conference participants will be accepted until June 1, 2019. The Organizing Committee of the conference reserves the right to not publish the articles received if their content does not correspond to the main topics and themes of the conference or the requirements for their design are violated, as well as if the deadlines for submitting of them are violated.

For questions you can contact by e-mail: konferenz2018@gmx.de

The Registration fee for participation in the conference is 200 Euros, including:

- Invitation of the center, Hotel reservation, Visa support;

- transfer from the airport to the city and back;

- electronic version of the conference printed edition on CD;

- coffee break;

- cultural program (sightseeing-tour in Düsseldorf).

Application form


Name, surname, middle name (full)

Place of work (full)

Position (full)

Academic degree

Academic title

Topic of a report

Report form:

– full-time participation

– correspondence participation

Contact number:

work number

mobile number

E-Mail address E-mail (necessarily!), for the contact with participant

Address (with post index) – for sending of the conference printed edition to the foreign participants

In order to send an official invitation for full-time participation in the conference - last name, first name, middle name (in full) and work position, for whose name the organizers will be able to send an official invitation to a conference participant; an e-mail address to which an official invitation to the conference can be sent.

Need for a hotel:

– yes (if yes, the kind of room and its maximal cost should be specified)


Techical requirements for the design of scientific articles:

1. Programm: Microsoft Word.

2. Language – russian (english), other languages (if necessary and correct).

3. Page size – А4, sheet orientation – «book».

4. Font «Times New Roman», size – 14.

5. Line spacing – one and half (1,5 line).

6. Literature should be given at the end of the text entitled "Literature".

References in the text should be marked by square brackets with indications of a number of a source in the list and comma-separated page number, for example: [5, p. 57-61]

The Editorial Committee of the conference reserves the right to partially edit materials that are made or decorated in violation of the above requirements

Materials (3-10 pages of type-written text) should be sent electronically by e-mail: konferenz2018@gmx.de, (text in Word format) or on an electronic hard drive (CD-R disc)

Participants who send materials in time and according to the requirements will be able to make presentations and report at the main meetings and sections of the conference, take part in round tables of the conference. Their articles will be published in the corresponding conference printed edition.

Travel to the conference and accommodation of foreign participants of the conference – can be implemented by a sending institution

Transfer of the registration fee and payment for an article publication:

Full name of the organisation:

Interkulturelle Weiterbildungsgesellschaft e.V.


Bismarckstr. 69,

General Department Telephone

Tel: +49 (0)211 93079209
Fax: +49 (0)211 97719550



Bank Name

Sparkasse Duisburg

Bank Address

Payment Recipient


Bankadresse: Gerhard-Hauptmannstr 5-7 47051 Duisburg

Firma: IW e.V.




The Organizing Committee Contacts:

International Centre of Education and Scientific Information (Interkulturelle Weiterbildungsgesellschaft e.V.) Bismarkstraße 69, 40210 Düsseldorf


Tel: +49 (0)211 93079209

Fax: +49(0)211 97719550

E-mail: konferenz2018@gmx.de


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