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The Intercultural training company-IW a non-profit organization that provides social integration and educational work in NRW since 1998.

Our main goal is to support the integration of ethnic German repatriates and foreigners in the social and professional life in Germany.

Regardless of which course you choose, today, allStudents must develop a greater understanding of  the world.

They should formulate what role they want to play in this world and learn what they can do to contribute.

In this context, studying abroad is becoming an increasingly fundamental element of modern education.

We in the IW e.V. make it our mission to educate students and promote and to train them independent and confident professionals to equip them with the skills to them in all fields of activity in the world.


We support the development of individual talents and abilities, artistic by creating a special framework, social and promotes cultural diversity.


Our service offers challenging academic, professional and cultural Components together with European perspectives.


By combining these elements, we offer this unique Learning experience that provides the students as a whole.


The goal is a truly international approach to learning and

to gain personal experience.

Intercultural learning is the goal of all IW programs.


The team of young scientists, teachers and lecturers directs the work of IW eV

We strive in any event, to achieve an open and creative atmosphere.

In the knowledge of the importance of intercultural awareness can our

Programs represent a first step towards responsible citizens in

the world.

IW eV is actively against racism and xenophobia and for a better understanding of different cultures.

We see this as our contribution to unity and peace in our world

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